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Facts about Fusion

Fusion was first launched in 2009 in Czech republic and Latvia. Since then it has spread and there are now Fusion choirs in 10 countries in Central and Eastern Europe (Czech, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania and Serbia).

People come to Fusion because they want to become “rock stars.” They stay because they find community, and so much more… 

Local Church

Each Fusion choir is run by a local church, but is open to all teenagers. Teenagers learn new skills and grow in areas they are interested in: singing, playing an instrument, conducting, dancing, and other areas (including organizational/practical/team-building skills). They have the opportunity to perform in Fusion concerts.


Although Fusion looks like a music ministry, it is actually a relational ministry, using music as a tool. In every rehearsal the teenage members hear a „devotion/Fusion talk“ given by one of the leaders, but much of the life changing work of Fusion happens outside of the formal rehearsals.

Our values


We work with teenagers using the universal language of music, something that is already a part of their everyday lives and interests. In addition, Fusion choirs often become a part of the cultural program of their city.


We are all born to be creative. Fusion seeks to equip teens to draw out hidden abilities, learn new talents, and use their creativity to the full. For some this could mean learning to play an instrument or conduct the choir; for others organizing a concert or leading a weekend event.


Fusion is a place where teenagers can feel accepted for who and what they are. Teenagers meet new friends in Fusion, sometimes lifelong. Because Fusion is about the people, not just the music, it provides a safe place and a positive atmosphere.


Every Fusion is run by a local church, in many cases with the support of city halls. Fusion is a tool that helps churches use their resources to engage with their local communities.


Fusion is not a choir for Christians but is open to any teenager regardless of beliefs. Nonetheless, it is a Christian-led activity where teenagers can learn about Christianity so that they can make their own informed decision about whether this belief has something it can offer them.

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